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I changed a theme design.

NEKOGET Report Design
I showed the thing that pushed forward work in local environment.

The color was the same, but changed some appearances.
On the left, I installed the change button of the character size.
The list according to the tag showed it, and changed the one.
The graphic design of a logo part and the footer part is going to revise it a little more.

I examine that I make the next function.
  • A comment function
  • Track back function
  • A banner link function
I am irregular, and the state of the development does live broadcasting coding in Ust from the other day.
(There are not the recording data)
The title is "CodeIgniter talking".
But I Only write a PHP code.

In here these days, I hear Ust of various places of CakePHP and symfony and participate.This is very pleasant
I take ways of thinking very good stimulation.

I will plan live broadcasting coding in the URL mentioned above Today.
I look forward to very much.

Creation data : 2011-05-20 09:31

Last update : 2011-05-20 09:31