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My Impression : Study event of CodeIgniter in Tokyo

I participated in an event performed in Shinjuku on May 14.
It is event participation after a long absence.

The meeting place went over 80 people on that day.
The seat was Standing room only.

A lot of power supplies were a certain good meeting places.
The announcement of all people is splendid and is interesting.
■CodeIgnterに至るまで : For Web site programming beginners
Presenter : Mr.新居雅行
Document :
About the merit of using the framework.And he sympathized with the reason that chose CodeIgniter.
When I considered what framework I chose, there was announcement about having compared it with CakePHP.

Presenter : Miss.Yoko TAMADA
Document :
CodeIgniter Japanese user group
project to Japanize CodeIgniter
As for her presentation, the way of the participation in project was explanation about the knowledge that it was necessary.
There was careful explanation about Mercurial.
It was the presentation that there were a lot of stories that you should have known when you studied CodeIgniter, and was splendid from now on.

■Flow of Application development using CodeIgniter
Presenter : MIYAGAWA Takako (It is me.)
Document :
I made this blog with CodeIgniter2.0.1 to make it a story concrete as possible.I announced the process.

I exceeded time from the plan, and other announced people troubled the administration whom it was participated in in various places again.
I reflected.Next chance, I practice more.
Presenter : Mr.砂川 誠
Document :
About measures when high load affected it, there were many questions from a participant.About the use of the log for the high expansibility of CodeIgniter and investigation of the load, there was the point that I wanted to refer to a lot.

Presenter : Mr.早川聖司
Document :
The challenge which I want to write a cord about a device for a view file becoming full of cords of form helper more coolly is interesting.
The database admired the device that let you link.
I devise a database by the method that does not link.
This presentation was good very much.

Presenter : Mr.寺嶋 祐也
Document :
seezoo CMS :
It was a demonstration of the seezoo CMS and the presentation about the technology.His presentation was splendid.As for me, a very splendid thing was able to think of the structure of the block plug in of seezoo.
I download a source code of the seezoo CMS and want to study.

■CodeIgniter 2.0 , ExpressionEngine CMS
Presenter : Mr.荻澤 篤志
Document :
It was ExpressionEngine CMS, presentation about MojoMoter.The history of what is made with CodeIgniter and those CMS.
I think that I want to do study about MojoMoter.

All of you who had sponsored it, and administer it really thank you.
In addition, thank you for me who heard poor announcement.

I make it next study event of CodeIgniter pleasure!

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